Welcome to Valencia

Valencia, city founded by the Roman Empire, has seen as various cultures and people has passed through its streets, helping to forge a singular identity in a privileged enclave on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

Its enviable climate has made of this beautiful city, an open place where life is celebrated in its streets, as well as in its squares and gardens, something that its inhabitants share with the rest of the world, especially during its festivities.

North Station, Valencia

The Falles

Falles, Heritage of Humanity, are one of the most popular celebrations in the world. During Falles, the city gets full of monuments made of cardboard and paper-mâché, known as fallas, full of «ninots» (figures that represent people and animals) being these a satyrical representation of the present day.

Light, music, firecrackers and fireworks fill the city's streets for several days until the «Nit de la Cremà» (the final night of the festivities), when fallas are burned, in a metaphorical representation of eliminating the bad of the past and celebrating the arrival of Spring with a renewed and optimistic spirit.

The Falles

Official Missions

There are a total of 24 missions in the Valencia city center waiting to be discovered. Complete a minimum of 6 missions to get the Ingress Mission Day medal!

If you are thinking of complete all, we recommend you following the order of the missions:

  1. Plaza Redonda
  2. Mercado Central
  3. Iglesia Santos Juanes
  4. La Lonja de la Seda
  5. Torres de Quart
  6. Iglesia de San Nicolás
  7. Iglesia del Carmen
  8. Torres de Serrano
  9. Palacio de la Generalitat
  10. Tribunal de las Aguas
  11. El Micalet
  12. Santa Catalina
  13. Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas
  14. Basílica de la Virgen de los Desamparados
  15. Palacio Arzobispal
  16. La Almoina
  17. Cripta de la Cárcel de San Vicente Mártir
  18. Iglesia de San Juan del Hospital
  19. Jaume I
  20. Ayuntamiento
  21. Plaza de Toros
  22. Estación del Norte
  23. El Cid Campeador
  24. Iglesia de San Agustín

Special Banner

A special banner of Falles will be available during the weekend.. Complete it while you visit the Falles through the center of our city.

Route on GMaps

Special banner


An interactive map with all the missions. Click each mission to show Google Maps and Intel hyperlinks.

Routes on GMaps


When What
00:00 Missions are alive
Missions map
12:00 - 13:30 Meet point + group picture
Plaça de la Verge
14:00 Mascletà
Plaça de l'Ajuntament
14:30 - 20:00 Discovering Valencia together
finishing missions
18:00 - 20:00 Verification of completed missions
Tyris on Tap


We are preparing free swag for all the agents attending the Mission Day so you can have a souvenir of our city. However, if you want to collaborate with some donation, a PayPal account has been created. This way you can contribute easy, simple and safe ☺️

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Do I have to register with Niantic for this event?

Yes, please visit the official webpage of event on this link: MD Valencia, as well as registering in person on the day.

How long will the missions be online for?

Missions go live at 00:00 hours on Saturday 11th March. Only missions completed on this day will count towards the medal.

How many missions are there and how many will I have to complete in order to get the medal?

There are 24 missions. In order to get the scanner medal, you'll have to complete a minimum of 6.

Where and When will verification take place?

Verification of completed missions is from 18:00 to 20:00 on Tyris on Tap.

Are the organization team members there on the day to provide support?

Yes, they will be located at verification per the above. They will also be available to chat to on the day for any advice, as well as on telegram group or privately prior to the event. They can also provide advice on access for anyone that is mobility impaired.

Will there be a group picture?

Yes, it will be Saturday 11th March on Plaza de la Virgen at 12:00.

There will be a visit to Plaza del Ayuntamiento to enjoy one of Mascletàs, typical to the Falles festivities in the city. «Mascletàs» are diurnal fireworks, a very celebrated daily event that gather hundreds and even thousands of valencians to enjoy this world-famous time.

Is there a map of all the MD missions?

Yes, you can find a map in Missions Guide section.

How good is the mobile data coverage?

Pretty bloody good, but the very center of Valencia, around Carmen neighbourhood, GPS can get really tricky due to street width.

Are all the missions easily accessible?

Yes, most are close together, there are some further out for people who like to do a lot of walking. Valencia, being a mediterranean coastal city is also a flat area so there are no hills to walk up and down during the missions. Opening and closing times are available for both banner and MD missions on the Mission Guide and Information pages.

What if the Police ask me what I’m doing?

Show them your scanner and tell them that you’re playing a game called Ingress (precursor to Pokémon). Local police has been warned and will be around in case you need some help with directions, etc... Most have heard what it is, if it is one that hasn’t, you’re more than likely going to be at a portal and can show them a tiny bit about it. Don't be silly and shout about blowing up portals and please abide by the law at all times. Do not bring yourself, other players, or the game into disrepute by doing otherwise.

Which options of transport are there to move around the city?

In Valencia exist a lot of options to move around, we recommend to visit the Event Community at Google+ and go to the next link to see all available options:

Public Transport in Valencia